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Is your computer acting up like a kid in a candy store?       Computer Repair Jacksonville Florida

Does the screen freeze up?
Have you seen the “Blue Screen Of Death” and then CRASH?
Does it take forever and a day for computer to start up?
Have you seen error messages that might as well be written in French?
Has your computer ever shut down just because it felt like it?

Why Computers Have Problems

There are many different reasons computers don’t work properly. Some times data is lost in cyberspace or a program won’t function properly due to human error. Don’t forget about formatting issues, compatibility problems and sometimes things just break.

Finding A Good Computer Repair Technician

The problem with hiring a computer technician is not really knowing if you are going to get someone that knows what they are doing. I hear the same story every day. My new clients were just looking for someone who could fix their computer fast and cheap. When the computer tech shows up late, he tells you the only thing they can do to fix your computer is to back up all of your files and slick your hard drive. Then, after all of your programs and files are wiped out the geek re-installs your operating system and asks for your hard earned money.

Now you have to re-install all of the programs you had before you called that geek and set everything back up the way it was. What’s worse is a week later you are still having the same problems you did before and now you need to find someone else that really knows how to fix your computer.

We Take A Different Approach

At ACS we take a different approach. We show up at your home or business on time. We listen to the problems you’ve been experiencing, ask you some follow up questions based on what you have told us and then determine the proper course of action to take.

If you are experiencing any problems with your laptop, desktop PC, netbook, Mac or any other computer, we would love to help you solve your problems. We specialize in:

  • Home Computers
  • Business Computers
  • IT Consulting
  • Hardware Repair and Replacement
  • Software Issues
  • Speeding Up Slow Computers
  • Virus Elimination
  • Data Recovery
  • Networking
  • Internet Security
  • Custom Built Computers
  • and just about any other problem you may be having with your computer.

At Abundant Computer Services, LLC we believe that helping you prevent future computer problems is just as important as fixing the problems you are having now. Even though we love all of our clients, we don’t want to see you again to fix something that could have been avoided. And the best part, there is no need to drag your computer to a repair shop. We come to you and fix the issue on the spot 24/7!

What are you waiting for? Call (904) 371-3118 for your Jacksonville computer repair specialist.

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Computer Repair 

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